OB3D A data base of 3 dimensional Objects

The OB3D data base is conceived as a shareware tool for experimental research in Cognitive Sciences. Its objective is that files describing the XYZ coordinates (WRL format) of a variety of usual objects are made available to a large community of scientists willing to develop experiments for fundamental, clinical or applied research.

The use and downloading of objects from the data base are free, but should be acknowledged. Users are strongly encouraged to enrich the base by sending either new objects or feedback information, in the form of meta-data of different kinds (e.g. reaction times, recognition rate in different population, lexical terms in different languages, etc.), articles or information relative to other sites.

Contributions can also take the form of modifications/improvements of the 3Dobjects (e.g. texturing, mesh, etc.) such that each object can be available in different formats.

Free contributions of new 3Dobjects in similar formats are more than welcome, as well as software developed in different environments to ease the use of these objects in experimental research or to allow the replication or extension of the findings they may have permitted.