Ensembles de données d'expériences (comportements et neurologiques) issues du laboratoire "Laboratory for Adaptive Intelligence, BSI, RIKEN".

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Entrepôt partagé d'objets sous forme numérique du projet "Aim at shape"

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The Stanford 3D Scanning Repository
Entrepôt d'objets scannés et modélisés du laboratoire "Stanford University Computer Graphics Laboratory"

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Image-based 3D Models Archive
Objets de musée en couleur, reconstruction 3D à partir de photographies

Projet Gamma INRIA

MIT CSAIL Textured Models database

List of 2D and 3D test images for Computer Vision

Modèles plutôt géométriques

Les modèles payants de 3D studio

Iris image database

BOLD - Birmingham Object Lighting Database
The Birmingham Object Lighting Database contains high resolution stereoscopic image pair of objects, surfaces, faces and outdoor scenes photographed under well specified lighting conditions. The aim of the database is to provide a test bed for image processing algorithms. Specifically we are interested in algorithms for extracting intrinsic images, de-lighting, light source estimation and shape from shading.

Natural image database
A new database of calibrated high resolution natural images is available for research purposes at The images were obtained with a Nikon D700 Digital SLR camera. The images are 4284 x 2844 with 14 bits per channel RGB. Metadata (camera parameters, GPS coordinates, etc.) is provided for each image. Also provided are spectral sensitivity measurements for the camera's R, G, and B channels. The website also contains example applications of some of the statistics measured from the database.

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